30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You have absolutely no risk in becoming a member for several reasons:

1. On our main membership, we offer a 30 day free trial. You have full access to the paid version membership and all benefits even during your free trial. You will not be charged unless or until your trial period has expired, and may easily cancel at any time via the CMC support / ticket center during or after your trial. Note that you are allowed one free trial period and may not repeat the trial by cancelling and attempting to rejoin in the future without written permission from

2. You additionally have a 30 day money back guarantee. So for example, if your trial expires and at that time you are charged your normal low monthly fee of $29, you have up to 30 full days to request your money back if you are not satisfied. Note that if you do not plan to remain a member, we ask that you cancel during your free full month trial period rather than refunding, if at all possible. That way, you won't be billed at all and no refund will be necessary. But the 30 day refund is still available to if the aforementioned option is not utilized and you still wish to refund. Note that your money will be returned via the same manner in which you paid. So, for example, if you paid via credit card your money will be refunded via credit card.

This concludes the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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